State Officer History

We are excited to provide the last decade of State Officers on the website. In addition, we are also happy to provide a more comprehensive, downloadable list that spans back to 1936.


President: Jerrid Hobbie, Tushka
First Vice-President: Blair Brantley, Marlow
Vice-President of Community Service: Emiley Cole, Kiowa
Vice-President of Marketing: Ceairra Gulliford, Fairview
Vice-President of Membership: Abbey Claunch, Putnam City North
Vice-President of of Parliamentary Law: Rilee Lucas, Kingfisher
Vice-President of Public Relations: Emily Sasser, Perkins-Tryon
Vice-President of STAR Events: Caitlyn Fargo, Timberlake
Vice-President of Development: Alyssa Lapham, Okay
National Vice-President of Community Service: Alexis Peeper, Drummond


President: Bailey Clawson, Amber-Pocasset
First Vice-President: Jerrid Hobbie, Tushka
National Vice-President of Public Relations: Lauren Cole, Tulsa Tech Center
Vice-President of Community Service: Acacia Walston, Spiro
Vice-President of Marketing:  Desaray Hayes, Canadian Valley Tech Center
Vice-President of Membership:  Alexis Peeper, Drummond
Vice-President of Parliamentary Law:  Blair Brantley, Marlow
Vice-President of Public Relations:  Cassidy Porter, Latta
Vice-President of STAR Events:  Alyssa Lapham, Okay


President:  Joni Gullick, Heavener
First Vice-President:  Lauren Cole, Claremore
National Vice-President of Community Service:  Gabriella Cutruzzula, Drummond
Vice-President of Programs:  Connar Tadlock, Broken Bow
Vice-President of Community Service:  Katie Curl, Newcastle
Vice-President of Development:  Tristen Roach, Warner
Vice-President of Membership:  Bailey Clawson, Amber-Pocasset
Vice-President of Parliamentary Law:  Ashtyn Taylor, Dewar
Vice-President of Public Relations:  Traeton Dansby, Idabel Kiamichi Tech Center
Vice-President of STAR Events:  Bailey Walker, Spiro



President: Jill Coats, Konawa
First Vice-President: Sarah Moore, Broken Bow
Vice-President of Development: Gabriella Cutruzzula, Drummond
Vice-President: of STAR Events: Taryn Wofford, Allen
Vice-President of Community Service: Addison Oltmans, Latta
Vice-President of Membership: Sean Blish, Okay
Vice-President of Parliamentary Law: Austin Stottlemyre, Kingston
Vice-President of Public Relations: Kaitlyn Kirksey, Stillwater


President: Madison Rae Lockhart, Haworth
First Vice-President: Abigail Lee Peters, Adair
National Vice-President of Community Service: Abby Alred, Stillwater
Vice-President of Marketing: Cameron Robison, Valliant
Vice-President of Programs: Nicole Crow, Canadian Valley Technology Center
Vice-President of State Events: Heather Hickman, Dibble – Deceased October 19, 2013
Vice-President of Public Relations: Mikayla Cervantes, Stillwater
Vice-President of Community Service: Rylee Kelly, Oklahoma Union
Vice-President of Membership: Emilee Costner, Allen
Vice-President of Parliamentary Law: Stetson Clawson, Amber-Pocasset


Secretary: Ryan Christie, Stillwell
Vice-President of Development: Billy Gardner, Warner
Vice-President of Public Relations: Cameron Robison, Valliant
National Network Member: Stetson Clawson, Amber-Pocasset
Central Region VP: Madison Auld, Konawa
North Region VP: Hannah Darr, Waynoka
Northeast Region VP: Abigail Peters, Adairs
Southeast Region VP: Madison Lockhart, Haworth
Southwest Region VP: Kyanne Seibold, Sterling
Occupational VP Culinary Arts & Hospitality: Tanner Ramos, Tulsa Tech.

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President: Jessica Pennington, Wright City
Secretary: Kaitlin McCorstin, Kingston
Central Region VP: Taylor Woodward, Putnam
North Region VP: Skyler Rodenberg,Drummond
Northeast Region VP: Whitney House, Dewar
Southeast Region VP: Cameron Robison, Valliant
Southwest Region VP: Ryan Miller, Sterling
National Officer Candidate: Tori Coates, Westville
National Officer Candidate: Michaela Vail, Warner
National Network Member: Billy Gardner, Warner
Occupational VP Early Care Education: MiKayla Wolf, Canadian Valley


President:  Macy Hula, Chisholm
Secretary: Taylor Hampton, Dibble
Northeast Region VP: Tori Coates, Westville
Southwest Region VP: Tylar Selensky, Plainview
Southeast Region VP: Brianna Brassfield, Bokoshe
Central Region VP: James Turnbow, Konawa
National Officer Candidate: Trent Misak, Medford
National Officer Candidate: Corey Winston, Millwood
National Network Member: Chelsea Abinah, Edmond Memorial
Occupational VP-Culinary Arts/Hospitality: Sara Bell, Tulsa Tech

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President:  Lindsey French, Kingston
National Network: Trent Misak, Medford
Secretary: Taylor Hampton, Dibble
Northeast Region VP: Alex Sweet, Adair
Southwest Region VP: Tylar Selensky, Plainview
Southeast Region VP: Marcy Mayes, Broken Bow
Central Region VP: Corey Winston, Millwood
National Officer Candidate: Jackson Alexander, Anadarko
National Vice Pres. of Public Relations: Anna Lester, Wright City


President:  Jackson Alexander, Anadarko
National Network Member: Emily Buller, Ringwood
Secretary: Lindsey French, Kingston
North Region VP: Trent Misak, Medford
Northeast Region VP: Kendra Sweet, Adair
Southwest Region VP: Karlea Eisenman, Minco
Southeast Region VP: Sarah Melson, Broken Bow
Central Region VP: Stormie Ritchie, Western Heights
National VP of STAR Events:  Cali Crissup, Timberlake
National Officer Candidate:  Anna Lester, Wright City
Occupational VP-Culinary Arts:  Madyson Shultheiss, Tulsa Tech

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President: Hollie Coleman, Haworth
National Network Member: Anna Lester, Wright City
Secretary: Becca Biagini, Drummond
North Region VP: Cali Crissup, Timberlake
Northeast Region VP: Kaity Holland, Weleetka
Southwest Region VP: Jackson Alexander, Anadarko
Southeast Region VP: Whitney Watson, Kinta
Central Region VP: Shawn Paine, Luther
National Officer Candidate:  Courtnee Davis, Jenks
National Officer Candidate:  Stacia Courtney, Tushka
Occupational VP-Culinary Arts:  Kaysee Johnson, Tulsa Tech Cnt
Occupational VP-Early Care & Education:  LaShonda Shields, Mid-Del Tech Cnt
Adviser: Denise Morris


President: Leah Buller, Ringwood
National Network Member: Emily Hollarn, Marlow
Secretary: Kelsey Jones, Indianola
North Region VP: Caleb Goodman, Medford
Northeast Region VP: Courtnee Davis, Jenks
Southwest Region VP: Megan Frisbie, Minco
Southeast Region VP: Magan Melson, Broken Bow
Central Region VP: Bridget Heyland, Edmond Memorial
National Officer Candidate:  Racey Ballard, Keota
National VP of Membership:  Brittani Parker, Marlow
Occupational VP-Culinary Arts:  Micah Robertson, NE Tech Center
State Adviser: Denise Morris

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President: Brittani Parker, Marlow
National Network Member: Jennifer Sharp, Mooreland
Secretary: Emily Avery, Jenks
North Region VP: Lindsay Rains, Chandler
Northeast Region VP: Andrea Miller, Dewar
Southwest Region VP: Chelsea McCann, Plainview
Southeast Region VP: Maria Bautista, Haworth
Central Region VP: Brittany Newburn, Edmond Memorial
National Officer Candidate:  Bekah Harris, Alex
National Officer Candidate:  Malori Walker, Spiro
State Adviser: Denise Morris


President: Cherish Harris, Wilburton
National Network Member: Lindsey Reimer, Medford
Secretary: Kyle Ensley, Wright City
North Region VP: Katie Grogan, Timberlake
Northeast Region VP: Christopher Howk, Dewar
Southwest Region VP: Bekah Harris, Alex
Southeast Region VP: Tim Nelson, Keota
Central Region VP: Missa Medina, Western Heights
National First VP: Ambia Cail, Wannet
National VP of Membership: Morgan Stevenson, Haworth
Occupational VP – Early Care: Sammy Heathcock, Kiamichi Tech Center, Atoka
Occupational VP – Culinary Arts: Margaret White, Northeast Tech Center, Pryor
State Adviser: Denise Morris

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