[toggle type=”white” title=”Advisor Scholarship” active=””]The Wanda S. Holman Memorial Advisor Scholarship was established in memory of Ms. Holman.  This scholarship was established because Ms. Holman believed that all advisors would benefit from attending the national FCCLA leadership conference.  This $750 scholarship is designed to offset the cost of attending this meeting.

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The Oklahoma Alumni & Associates student scholarship was established to provide financial aid to academically promising FCCLA members who will be pursuing post-secondary education.  The Board of Directors has adopted a measure that establishes two (2) scholarship awards. Applications will be categorized based upon whether applicants hold/held a state/national office or not. One award will be made to the officer category, and one award will be given in the non-officer category.

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[toggle type=”white” title=”Chapter Adviser SUMMIT Application” active=””]

The Oklahoma FCCLA alumni board voted to create a scholarship for a chapter adviser wishing to attend the national Chapter Advisers Summit. The scholarship will pay for registration. The summit is sponsored by National FCCLA and takes place in January/February at the site of the National Leadership Conference. Applications are due September 1

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[toggle type=”white” title=”Donna Kates Scholarship” active=””]

The goal of the Donna Kates Scholarship is to provide financial aid to an FCCLA member from the Southeast Region who is attending the National FCCLA Leadership Meeting.

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Member Scholarship Morgan Messall Drummond

Heather Hickman Memorial Scholarship Bailey Clawson Amber-Pocasset


Member Scholarship Regan Stephenson Kingston

Heather Hickman Memorial Scholarship Gabriella Cutruzzula Drummond

Member Scholarship Anlyn Marsh Haworth

Heather Hickman Memorial Scholarship Sarah Moore Broken Bow

Member Scholarship Lauren Frazier Perkins-Tryon

Heather Hickman Memorial Scholarship Abigail Alred Stillwater

Member Scholarship Stacy Bailey Timberlake

Heather Hickman Memorial Scholarship Billy Gardner Warner

Member Scholarship Stephanie Hall Jenks

Heather Hickman Memorial Scholarship Ryan Miller Sterling

Member Scholarship Larianne Chambers Tushka

Heather Hickman Memorial Scholarship Trent Misak Medford

Member Scholarship Shacole Smith Caney

Heather Hickman Memorial Scholarship Jackson Alexander Anadarko

Member Scholarship Kelsey Richert Ringwood

Heather Hickman Memorial Scholarship Emily Buller Ringwood

Member Scholarship Kacie Cantrell Indianola

Heather Hickman Memorial Scholarship Megan Frisbie Minco

Member Scholarship Teresa Richert Jenks

Heather Hickman Memorial Scholarship Leah Buller Ringwood

Member Scholarship Erin Morris Chisholm

Heather Hickman Memorial Scholarship Brittany Newburn Edmond Memorial