Alumni Student Scholarship/Heather Hickman Memorial Scholarship

The Oklahoma Alumni & Associates student scholarship was established to provide financial aid to academically promising FCCLA members who will be pursuing post-secondary education. The Board of Directors has adopted a measure that establishes two (2) scholarship awards. Applications will be categorized based upon whether applicants hold/held a state/national office or not. One award will be made to the officer category, and one award will be given in the non-officer category.

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  • Oklahoma Alumni & Associates Student Scholarship

    The goal of the Oklahoma Alumni & Associates (OAA) Scholarship Program is to provide financial assistance to academically promising FCCLA members who pursue a postsecondary education immediately after high school.


    A committee will review all scholarship applications and make recommendations for awards to the Oklahoma Alumni & Associates Board of Directors. The awards shall not be final until ratified by the Board of Directors. A minimum of two scholarships will be given each year. Based upon the available funds of the OAA, additional awards may be presented.


    Current FCCLA members who meet ALL of the following requirements are invited to apply of the OAA scholarship: 1. Senior in Oklahoma high school; 2. Minimum 2.5 cumulative high school GPA (based on a 4.0 scale) and a 3.0 GPA in FACS courses; 3. Plan to pursue a full-time postsecondary education, either at a college/university or an area technology school center, the fall immediately following high school graduation; and 4. Applicant's FCCLA adviser must be a current member of the OAA.


    The award of $1,500 will be disbursed over the course of two semesters after the student's full-time status is confirmed. It will be mailed directly to the institution on the student's behalf at the beginning of the fall semester of the student's freshman year. Additionally, the scholarship recipient will receive a one-year complimentary membership to Oklahoma Alumni & Associates.


    Each application will be judged on the following criteria: FCCLA Involvement (25 points), Other Extra-Curricular Activities (10 points), Essay (25 points), Letters of Reference (10 points), and GPA/Class Rank (5 points).


    Completed applications and requested attachments must be submitted by February 1.


    Please get the following items in place before you begin the application. If you stop before you finish, you will need to restart from the beginning. Section A: FCCLA Involvement (25 points—Not to exceed 2500 characters). Please list your specific involvement with FCCLA at the local, district, regional, state and national levels. Please include committees, offices, competitions, and conferences attended that are specifically for FCCLA members. Section B: Other Extra-Curricular Activities (10 points—Not to exceed 2500 characters). Please describe extra-curricular activities, honors, awards, and volunteer work in which you invest significant energy. Section C: Personal Essay (25 points—Not to exceed 5000 characters). How your FCCLA experiences will help you reach your career goal and connect to career field. Section D: Letters of Reference (10 points—2 Letters). Please attach one (1) letter of reference from two (2) different individuals. These should be from persons other than immediate family and friends. One of the two should be from your local adviser. Section E: High School Transcript showing GPA (5 points). Please attach an official high school transcript with applicant’s cumulative grade point average indicated. Section F: FCCLA Chapter Affiliation Form. Please attach your chapter’s affiliation form with applicant’s name indicated.

    The Oklahoma Alumni & Associates of FHA, HERO, NHA, and FCCLA does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, or veteran status.